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    Ceasar de Cuenca

    Practical Comparison of hESCs to Autologous and Adult Stem Cells

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    by , 01-12-2012 at 02:05 PM (5126 Views)
    Quote Originally Posted by Ceasar de Cuenca View Post
    There were certain words and ideas I wanted to say so much but I restrained waiting for the Peer Reviewed Article on ACTC's First Patients.

    I have always believed that all the billions of dollars used in trying to make adult stem cells work were wasted because the decisions in Europe and the US, and other countries were driven by Religious and Political Forces rather than honest to goodness quest for the truth.

    These hundreds of billions of wasted dollars were abetted by Universities and Scientists who looked at Government Grants as a source of livelihood for themselves and their staff. And yes, it delayed the onset of Regenerative Medicine by decades.

    Adult Stem Cells by definition is equivalent to Old Stem Cells. These stem cells nevertheless are smart cells and their programs know they are old. So thousands of science professionals looked and spent tens of millions of dollars trying to fool these smart cells to believe they are young cells. Hello! These guys were trying to fool "mother nature", instead of working honestly with her.

    Autologous Stem Cells are ok. But the process is not competitive.

    hESCs are what it is. Young cells from Embryo's. Smart Cells, who know what they are, and understands very well their programs and directions. There is no need to fool them, all you need to do is to nurture them.

    And No Life will be sacrificed in its implementation.

    Where else can you find a situation where hESCs are acknowledged to 5x Better than all the other NIH Lines, and no MEDIA pip on its wasteful implication!

    If you are a depositor in a Bank, And one Bank will pay you 5x of the prevailing interest rate...
    Don't you think it is idiotic to deposit your hard earned money somewhere else?

    And if you are buying as simple a product as Bread... why will you buy bread anywhere else if your One Dollar will give you 5 loaves instead of 1? Are you an idiot?

    And yet, this idiotic symphony conducted by the Government Agencies, and Universities, and Religious Leaders... will continue to play... for a few more years at least.

    Until ACTC proves her Technology... a few more weeks!

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