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    A David & Goliath comparison: Advanced Cell Technology OTC:ACTC & Geron Corp. NASDAQ:GERN

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    by , 05-07-2011 at 01:34 PM (39293 Views)
    Advanced Cell Technology OTC:ACTC & Geron Corp. NASDAQ:GERN

    blogs/attachement51-david-goliath.jpg A David & Goliath comparison:

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    Side by side comparison of Advanced CellTechnology & Geron Corporation

    Geron Corporation (NASDAQ:GERN), Approved by the FDAto use human embryonic stem cell (hESC)treatments to treat spinal cord injuries. Theresearch Goliath is a well-funded machine employing the top minds in the worldworking on everything from mid-stage oncologytrials to promising (hESC) drugs for spinal cord injuries, heart disease & cancer.

    Snap shot of Goliath: Geron Corpoartion-(ASDAQ:GERN

    · Seven oncology Phase 2trials currently underway, and has several big Pharma joint venture agreementsin oncology animal and human trials>

    · Five hESC areas ofinvestigation underway. GRNOPC1 is the lead candidate. Geron destroys thehuman embryo through its (hESC) R&D, of whichthe company uses the blastocyst embryo formation at day five afterfertilization from IVF clinics.

    · Cash, restricted cash, cashequivalents and marketable securities: $221,274.000.00.

    · Total operating expenses in 2010: $114,730,000.00.

    · 175 employees; over 100hold PhD or MD degrees.

    · Geron Corporation wasfounded in 1990 and is based in Menlo Park,California

    · Trades on the NASDAQ providing liquidity & large institutional investors.

    · Corporatefinancial statements: http://www.geron.com/investors/reports/GeronAnnualReport2010.pdf .

    Advanced Cell Technology not too long ago was thepredominant leader in the field of regenerative medicine. It fell from that distinction in part due toexecutive management hubris and ultimately the credit crisis in mid-2008. ACT was able to resurrect itself from near bankruptcy in June 2008 and now has thedistinction of holding two out of the three FDA approved (hESC) trials. ACT is led by a competent executive managementteam and employs several of the most predominant regenerative researcher(s) inthe world.

    Snap shot of David: Advanced Cell Technology-(OTC:ACTC)->

    · Retinal Pigment EpithelialCell Program is their lead program-(HESC) trials for both SMD/AMD are expectedto start in week(s) Jules Stein EyeInstitute at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA ) will conduct the2 (hESC) trials for Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy(SMD) and Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration(AMD).

    · Filed a European Clinical Trial Application for Phase 1/2 studyusing (hESC) to treat macular degeneration.

    · Issued a broad patent for hESC-derived RPE cells in China.

    · Seeking funding & jointventure partner for Myoblast program for the treatment of cardiovascular disease Phase 2 approved by the FDA.

    · Joint ventured with Koreanmedical giant CHA to form “Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine International”(SCRMI). This partnership expected to file an investigational new drug application with the FDA in Q-4 of this year. CHAbiotech is waiting for final approval from the KoreaFood and Drug Administration for (hESC) trial for AMD.

    · Issued patent on its“single-blastomere” technique. Patent Number 7,893,315 broadly covers ACT’sproprietary single-blastomere technology that provides a non-destructivealternative for deriving hESC lines. This “Embryo-Safe” one-cell biopsyapproach similar to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which is widelyused in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process and does not interfere withthe embryo’s developmental potential.

    · 22 full-time employees, sixhold PhD or MD degrees-Formed in 1994, HQ in Menlo Park, California withlaboratory facilities in Marlborough, MA.

    · Total operating expenses in2010: $22,044,701 .

    · Cash, restricted cash, cashequivalents and marketable securities: $34,889,409 .

    · Trades on the OTC:BB ACTC is a Sarbanes–Oxley Act SEC reporter.

    · Corporate financialstatements: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1140098/000101376211000631/form10k.htm>

    If you are looking for maximum possible ROIin the short term and can tolerate high risk, then maybe Advanced Cell Technology(OTC:ACTC) is for you? If ACT is validated by the FDA, the (RPE)MA-09 “embryo-safe” cell lines would open up an annual $25,000,000,000.00market treating (AMD). Yes that is (b) with an (illion) annual marketshare! No FDA approved treatment exist for (AMD) in the world. This disease effects 30 million in the USA& EU alone. Cell lines have potentialto treat 200 retinal eye diseases. ACT has been approved for U.S. Orphan Drug status protection for (SMD). This status by the FDA provides ACT sevenyears of market protection. ACT is expecting EU-Orphan Drug status for(SMD) and if awarded would receive 10-years of market protection. The recentpatent protection for ACT’s RPE cells in China firmly establish potential worlddominance of the (AMD) market. What is the down side? One glaringred flag is that ACT has two years of operating capitaland enough cash to fund both the SMD/AMD Phase-1/2 trials in theU.S. If ACT’s AMD/SMD trials are not validated, ACT would mostlikely be forced to institute a massive reverse split due to the O/S nearingits A/S .

    ACT has placed all of its eggs in one pipelinebasket, choosing the low hanging fruit model. ACT is counting on theexceptional Casey Eye Clinic animal results. Dr. Raymond Lund Ph.D., considered one of theworld’s foremost experts in retinal cell physiologyand vision restoration. Dr. Lund recently said the following: “The studyresults of ACT’s RPE cells implanted in the various animalmodels of macular degeneration was phenomenal. If ACT observes even afraction of that benefit in humans, it will be nothing short of a homerun." .

    Disclosure: www.investorstemcell.com is the world’s only online discussion forum dedicated bringing investors &stakeholders together in thoughtful discussion about stem cell &regenerative medicine. www.investorstemcell.com nor any of its Companies have beencompensated by “any” party for this article. Before making an investment decision an investor should perform duediligences. Once completed find out what the street thinks at www.investorstemcell.com .

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