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    Am I the only one who is getting concerned about the continual decrease in stock price

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    by , 12-17-2011 at 09:58 AM (7252 Views)
    Quote Originally Posted by stockfodder View Post
    I can only speak for myself, the answer is Yes.
    I can only guess for others, most likely Yes.
    And sometimes I do worry about my investment, but it is one that I keep increasing my shares as information comes to us.

    I looked on my Schwab acct today for outstanding shares and it read 1.71 billion. Not long ago it read around 1.56 billion. It is not something that I look at every day and Rocky's Corner has a running discussion and tracking of outstanding shares and who is getting the new settlement ones, as they get them. Visit Rocky's corner if you never have.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I look at this as a market cap investment. The question that I asked myself on day one two summers ago was: If ACTC can get into an FDA trial with its AMD stem cells, then where should it be if the trial results in a year or so (now running behind my first guess) begin to show efficacy, not just safety. My answer was this should be a 2-4 billion dollar company and growing. Divide the outstanding shares and I though we would be over a buck.
    Now the investments premises have gotten a lot more complex and I won't tell anyone what they already know.

    I believe tonight as I write this, with vision sounding like it has been achieved (and that information to be released in 4-8 weeks, my guess), and with a promised JV in China in the near future, what will be the market cap of that company.
    My guess right now is in the 4 billion range before the end of 2012. Conveniently for me when I divide it out I am up there at one to two bucks per share.

    For the investors just coming on the scene now, but getting up to speed, you lucky dogs...

    I am underwater with this investment but feeling like we are on our way. A lot of shares hit the street this week, we had double avg sell days over 10MM and we may continue this.
    Can't wait for concrete news and the end to all this speculation on the results. I believe the share activity per day will shoot right up and absorb the gifted shares. They will always have an impact, but at that point they will not stop the upward pps trajectory, just slow it for a while. imo.

    It is hard sometimes for sure to forget about where you have placed your money when you have a week like this after a great beginning with Gary's blog. You have to go back and ask yourself, what where you thinking when you bought? What were the surprises since positive and negative? Do you still trust Lanza and Rabin, and the new additions to the team like Langer? Most importantly, do you still trust them... I do.

    If you don't, then the question is... Well, it's the obvious question, as difficult as it might be.

    I hope you all have a good weekend. I am going off to a Christmas party filled with ophthalmologists and eye technicians ( wife's company party). So much for getting from this investment! So far we are not on their radar screen! But I am hoping 12 months from now we will be....
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