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Repost of conversation with Bio-Digger and others...
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    Thread: Repost of conversation with Bio-Digger and others...

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      Apr 2011

      Repost of conversation with Bio-Digger and others...

      The Book of Ecclesiastes has always been a puzzle to me.
      I come back to Ooheleth over years and decade, and I understand what
      he is saying... but so much is unsaid or just maybe the book is
      better off left with a question.

      But I always come back to reading, year after year,
      trying to correlate "Vanities of Vanities".

      At one time, I thought the Book is in fact a Lamentation of all Wisemen,
      digging for a reason, beyond his own intellect.

      So... when by chance, you posted on it again,
      I read it.
      Did not react to it... I thought.

      Until this morning.

      I woke up... and I ended up able to look at events much differently
      than last night. And here is the funny thing, it included ACTC!

      Events have hundreds of contexts.

      It starts in particles of elements, swirling, and clumping in the vast universe.

      Some will be clumped to infinitesimal pressure to form stars.
      Some will be clumped into right enough pressure to form planets at the right
      enough sweet spot from the Sun, to make livable environments for life.
      And there are billions and billions of these little environments forming and dying
      by the minute.

      So "these little environments" dance within the Solar Sytems, and these Billions of
      Solar Systems dance within their Galactic Systems in their journey to the end of the

      And We are but a little point of light, within this little insignificant blue planet,
      in this little continent, We call the USA.

      Vanities of Vanities.

      So events, do happen in this inexorable march that looks like little tiny snails marching,
      so slowly... where in fact... All are moving at the Speed of Light!

      And, in fact, all is Vanities of Vanities, without a Point of LIFE AND CONSCIOUNESS that
      can watch and appreciate this beautiful dance.

      But there is Life and Consciousness.

      And We are this Life and Consciousness.
      And this snail's pace is our Context of Life.

      Events also happen in another level of intellectual construct. That of a Major Wave that seemingly has
      a life of its own, and smaller, than the Universal and March, but nevertheless as real and powerful, that its movements are sometimes imperceptible to human observation. These Epic Events spans Generations and Centuries and impacts Humanity's general direction in terms of major evolution in Humanity's Consciousness. The Greeks, The Romans, The Mongols, The Hans... and the Americans all participated in this "Millennial Wave" that has not only written Humanity's History but in the very way each individual perceive and think about himself... and the world.

      This "Millennial Wave" contains the lives and history of countries, our heroes, and our culture, and of the INDIVIDUAL. And how we swim and how we dance within this wave, allows us to find "participation and appreciation" of where we are in this One Universe. And thus in a "biocentric" way, We find meaning in our Lives.

      I do not know how much we participate in this Universal . But I know, that where I was born, the way my parents cared for me, the choice of my friends, the choice of my spouse, the books I read, the courses of study I took, all sum up to determine where I will be in this goggle points of light,
      in this little corner, of this little town, somewhere in the USA.

      And then, I realized, that Lanza and ACTC are now opening the door for another Major Wave within this Millennial Wave we call Regenerative Medicine. This Regenerative Medicine is a major human wave of Events... that will happen, and its inevitability is driven by events way before the birth of Dr. Lanza.

      Vanities of Vanities... is not as much a puzzle to me as it used to be this morning.

      And, with Good Coffee... and a little thanks to BioDigger.

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      Guest davea0828's Avatar

      Can you repeat that 3 times really fast.

      A big event is coming and we all get to enjoy it!!

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      May 2011
      Northern California
      Ceasar , nice prose and thought on the eve of medicinal history in mankind on our little spaceship called earth. Wow, Think about it CURING disease rather than treating disease. We are moving science ahead by one Millimeter over space/time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hi Ablidy,

      I, for one, will try my hardest to recognize this Millennial waves and the different smaller waves and eddies within this "Thousand Year Wave".

      And yes, it is a selfish reason for me... curiosity is number one, utility is 2, and third... is that of a "capitalist pig"... make money on this recognition.


      Last edited by Ceasar de Cuenca; 01-08-2012 at 11:59 AM.

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