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#2 Why Build the 2 Stem Cell Banks, Why the stronger focus on NPCs and MSCs? - Page 2
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    Thread: #2 Why Build the 2 Stem Cell Banks, Why the stronger focus on NPCs and MSCs?

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      Apr 2011
      Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo View Post
      Great stuff today, thanks Stockfodder. One of the reasons I don't post a bunch of negative commentary on the forum is that our comments are archived and easily accessible, and on that glorious day when ACT stock blasts off for the moon I don't want to be on record as one of the chronic doubters and skeptics. I want to be among those who kept the faith.

      Hi Gizmo,

      I like your reasoning! LOL!
      I see a lot of negative things.
      And, ACTC have made a lot of errors, multiple times X during its last 10 years!
      But, I have a "sliding rule" of what I talk about...
      I call it the "granularity index of relevance".

      Kids call it: Does it Matter?


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      Apr 2011
      Portland Oregon
      By the way Ceasar, I meant to ask you earlier, what are you looking for tomorrow if this does not happen:

      Lanza or Rabin might announce when the Peer Reviewed Article will be published during the call!

      What other additional piece of information would give you the most satisfaction at this moment in time?

      For me, I just like marking checks on the checklist and would be very happy to check off the first SMD 100K dosing... especially if they have a new clinical site up and running and do it there... I guess that makes me easy to please this week...

      Of course it could be just a proforma meeting (considering the big update a few weeks ago) but in the historical position that we are in, I can't help but think that they will use this opportunity to speak to other issues. Yeah, I think so...

      So just curious what else you are thinking... as I take a break from painting the fence, thanks, later, Stockfodder

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