The Black Eyed Children
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    The Black Eyed Children

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      The Black Eyed Children

      Interview with David Weatherly on his haunting book The Black Eyed Children - Panama City Paranormal |

      Interview with David Weatherly on his haunting book The Black Eyed Children

      This is a haunting tale of The Black Eyed Children who are being seen by many across the globe. Strange pale black eyed children wanting to come into your home. Knocking on your doors and staring into your windows. They ask to come inside your home and everyone feels intense fear from them. I have heard many a strange tale at my radio showThe Church of Mabus. But to hear it in the form of strange paranormal children gives me the creeps. The book The Black Eyed Children by David Weatherly is a fascinating account of these experiences from witnesses. Plus trying to figure out what in God's name these beings are and what they want. With great spooky beckoning I present to you this interview.

      1. So what originally inspired you to write The Black Eyed Children?
      View slideshow: The Black Eyed Children by David Weatherly
      Having a life long interest in the paranormal, I'd heard stories of the black eyed kids in the early days of the Internet. I became interested in pursuing the subject of the BEKs after meeting a man who'd had a direct encounter with them. His account was so fascinating that it caused me to seek out other witnesses to these strange kids. In doing so, I discovered that there were many more accounts and that the number of encounters had grown over the last several years. What made the phenomena fascinating is the fact that it shared things in common with many other facets of the paranormal including UFOs, ghost and demonic entities.

      The Black Eyed Children

      2. Attired in old fashioned clothes and pale. What do you and others think they are exactly paranormally speaking?
      Theories to explain the BEKs range from Alien hybrids, ghost or demonic beings, to tricksters or thought forms. Since we don't have one to study, it's likely such theories will continue to grow. Everyone seems to develop their own strong opinion as to what the children are.

      3. Your book says they want to come inside our homes. Well what for do you think? To swallow our souls or to become our children or both?
      There's no indication that they want to "become our children" or live with those who encounter them. They are however very insistent on gaining access to people's personal spaces. Those who encounter them feel that the BEK's purpose is very dark and sinister.

      4. The book is very haunting and sticks with you just thinking about these ghostly alien children. Little vampires. Could you share some cases with us?
      There are numerous cases detailed in the book and most are rather lengthy. A typical encounter often begins with a person at home, usually alone, when there is a knock at the door. The children never seem to use doorbells but prefer a long, steady knock. When the "victim" answers the door, they find one or two children in drab, baggy clothes often with their heads down so as to obscure their faces. Once the door is open, the kids make a request such as "Why don't you invite us in for a while?". The homeowner may try to converse with the kids to find out who they are or if they're lost but the children simply redirect with more request and assurances of "This won't take long." Has this is occurring, the victim begins to grow very nervous, often experiencing conflicting feelings of fear and a desire to help the children. At some point during the encounter, the children will raise their heads, or the homeowner will move forward to get a better look, and it's suddenly clear that the kids have solid black eyes. This is often the impetus to get quickly away from the children, retreating into the house and locking the door. The children vanish as quickly as they arrive and the victim is left trying to comprehend what they have encountered and feeling traumatized.

      5. How are there mannerisms awkward?
      The children move very little when they are being observed, however, when witnesses glance away, the kids have somehow moved very suddenly and silently. Their speech is reported as being monotone and they repeat phrases as if they have memorized certain statements. They usually stand with their heads down, possibly to hide their black eyes, and their arms straight down at their sides. Their questions are often odd, as if they are not used to speaking normally. Comments from the kids such as "Is it food time" both puzzle and disturb people who encounter them. As one witness commented, "They just don't behave like normal kids".

      6. Has anyone had any experiences of these children after reading your book or would you say more than likely before?
      The book was released in March of 2012. So far, there have been no reports from people who have read the book and then encountered the children. There have been a number of people who have experienced strange electronic phenomena while reading the Black Eyed Children, or otherwise researching the subject. Of course, there are also those who have had direct experience with the BEKs and have read the book in order to further understand what they experienced.

      7. What do they say and do and could they be alien hybrid children? Any UFO sightings around the times of their visitations?
      There are numerous people who support the theory that the black eyed children are actually alien-human hybrids. It is in fact, one of the most popular explanations for the kids. Abductees have at times had encounters with black eyed children both during and after their abduction experiences. Although I have not recorded any encounters with the black eyed children wherein the victim also saw a UFO at the same time, there are a number of incidents that have occurred in UFO hotspots. Additionally, there are a small number of people who have seen UFOs or even been abducted that have reported BEK encounters. This is data that is still being gathered and explored.

      8. They look like little Damien children of the devil from the Omen or Rosemary's baby. Do people feel threatened or afraid of them?
      Yes, absolutely. Many people who encounter the children feel like they have been in the presence of a "predator". Almost as soon as the encounter begins, those facing the kids begin to feel nervous and uneasy. Those feelings rapidly turn to outright fear and panic, causing most people to flee as quickly as they can. The second most popular theory to explain the kids, (alien hybrids being first) is that they are some type of demonic entity and many people turn towards religion after meeting the children.

      9. Has anyone ever let them in and lived to tell the tale?
      Accounts of people who have invited the children inside are few and far between. One lengthy account is covered in detail in the book. It involves a woman whose own ten year old son invited a black eyed child in. The result was not pleasant for the family and led to an accident and a long illness. Fortunately, all parties recovered in this case and they are healthy to this day.

      10. What is David Weatherly up to next book wise and project wise? Also any parting words on the Black eyed children as we depart. Thank you David.
      I have a couple of other books in the works, the next one to hit the shelves, later this year, will be on the topic of Tulpas and Thought forms. I'll also be appearing at quite a few conferences this year including the Paradigm Symposium and ScareFest. Beyond that, I have a number of other projects in various stages of development.

      Feel free to follow my blog at: TwoCrowsParanormal as it's the portal to my work and appearances.
      As to the black eyed children, if they knock at your door, don't let them in!

      Jeffery Pritchett is the host of the Church Of Mabus radio show bringing you guests on UFOs and Alien intelligences and the paranormal. Saturday nights at 11pm Eastern or come listen on our archives at your own leisure for free.
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      I had a few black eyes when I was a child...LOL but I wasn't born with them.

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      Black Eyed Children

      Date: 11-27-12
      Host: Rob Simone
      Guests: David Weatherly, Jay Weidner

      Filling in for George, Rob Simone (email) welcomed author, paranormal investigator, cryptozoologist, and ufologist, David Weatherly, who delved into his fascinating study of the Black Eyed Children phenomenon. Painting a picture of a typical incident, he described what happened to a man named Paul who was home alone when he heard knocking at the door. He opened the door and saw two kids about 10 years old, standing on his steps with their heads down. "Hey, we just thought we'd stop in for a bit," they said. Paul thought they had the wrong house, but the kids kept insisting that they be asked in. He stepped forward to get a better look, and when they made eye contact he saw their entire eyes were solid black, including the sclera.
      The incidents or visitations usually involve from 1-3 children, and they speak in a monotone voice, repeating the same phrases (always requesting to be let inside), which suggests they may be attempting some kind of mind control or hypnosis, Weatherly said. Their skin is usually described as being pale or pasty, and they often seem to vanish at a moment's notice, he continued. In another case, a man in Dallas suddenly saw a boy at his door as he was arriving home. The boy repeated "I think it's food time. You should invite me inside." Intriguingly, the man's protective pit bull which initially came running toward the front door, cowered when it got closer to the boy, and then reportedly whimpered and hid under the bed for days afterward.
      Other anomalies connected to the Black Eyed Children (who usually appear to be from 8-13 years old) include electrical phenomena such as garage doors inexplicably opening, and their odd clothes which look to be homemade or old-fashioned. Weatherly postulated that these sinister children could be interdimensional beings that come into our level of existence in order to feed off the energy of fear that they create by their interactions. Interestingly, one abductee he interviewed said that the Black Eyed Child she encountered was an alien-human hybrid, and she was his mother.

      Kubrick & Faked Apollo Footage

      First hour guest, author and filmmaker Jay Weidner shared his hypothesis that the late film director Stanley Kubrick was involved in faking moon landing footage for NASA, using his "Front Screen Projection" technique. NASA may have been concerned about the public witnessing accidents live on TV, or the Soviet Union getting a look at their secret equipment, so they decided for publicity reasons it was better to have footage shot on Earth, he explained. Further, Weidner believes Kubrick planted enigmatic clues in films such as The Shining that reference his involvement in creating the moon footage.



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      Black Eyed Children update from 4/12/13

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      GMAN--I am confident that there may be one or two members or guests that want your postings banned...they believe this black eye children post (for example) has nothing to do with Lanza's work with RPEs and ACTC....or maybe it does???? I love your postings!!!if you are ever in NJ and in the mood for a libation and telling an attention and curious ACTC friend a few stories -- it would be great private message
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      The name of GMANs forum IS wacky stuff, so BEK is ON topic (if you must).

      But I personally avoid dark stories and events.

      I befriended a man who is a brilliant engineer, has his own company. He lost his beautiful teenage daughter in an auto accident. He had visitations from her, and with his engineering background, now produces paranormal instruments. We had e-mailed through a mutual friend. He sent me an EMF meter in exchange for DVDs I sent him from one of the conferences I attended. He invented the Mel Meter, with lights and EMF detector used during paranormal activity. There are usually increased electromagnetic readings during paranormal experiences.

      Anyway, this man is a super nice family man, with two surviving daughters. Unfortunately, he befriended Zak from Ghost Stories on TV, who uses his equipment. He had Zak and his team into his home in Connecticut to make contact with Melanie. There is a Youtube of same, but it was on the Ghost Stories series as well. I would not watch Zak's TV show because he taunted spirits, and ended up personally attacked by them, scratches, burning, etc. on his skin, one of his team members felt possessed.

      I have learned from the mutual friend of Gary's that a dark entity entered him and he has had a very, very hard time with this, deep depression, and one of his surviving daughters suffering deep depression.

      My point is, I would never even read further on BEK or any dark subject, as I do believe in evil spirits and prefer to read and enjoy only happy stories. All good mediums pray for surrounding of White Christed Light and messages only for good.

      I was stunned to hear this story about Gary, someone I know personally, proof of evil spirits in the world that this could happen to such a strong, happy, healthy husband, father and businessman. Reminds me of our parents telling us to be careful who we associated with. Well that applies to the spirit world as well.


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      I can remember reading about the black eyed children in your first posts about it and it did freak me out a little. I remember visiting it in my mind quite often shortly after reading it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't keep bringing out all different aspects of the paranormal. That is the purpose of your forum and I really do enjoy it and look forward to your postings, but for me, maybe Patti is right about staying away from the dark side. I'm not sure what I'll do, all your posts are very intriguing.

      Take care & keep them coming,
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      Unfortunately this topic is way too interesting to ignore. Life is not full of angels and gingerbread houses. I hope to get to the bottom of this phenomenon one day. My advice would be to not visit or re-visit the thread if it is too dark for some.
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      I dont use drugs. I am drugs" Salvador Dali

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      I dont use drugs. I am drugs" Salvador Dali

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