New technology gives paraplegics hope
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    New technology gives paraplegics hope

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      michaelbrom's Avatar

      New technology gives paraplegics hope

      link to news broadcast, Hope for paralyzed primates |

      \New technology gives paraplegics hope
      Treatment works by minimizing tissue damage

      Updated: Saturday, 19 May 2012, 3:01 PM CDT
      Published : Saturday, 19 May 2012, 11:12 AM CDT

      Britagne Elliott

      KXAN (AUSTIN) - A new technology that has paralyzed monkey’s walking could soon have people out of wheelchairs.

      CEO of Invivo Therapeutics, Frank Reynolds joined Brian Sanders in the KXAN studio this morning to talk about the breakthrough.

      The treatment works by minimizing tissue damage after a spinal cord injury and improving the chance of walking again.

      Trial studies with monkeys have resulted in paralyzed primates walking within two hours after being treated.

      Invivo plans to begin human trials in the near future in hopes that this could be a cure to paralysis in most spinal injury cases.

      For more information, you can visit the Invivo Therapeutics website .
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      Inactive Member Jazbo's Avatar
      should have a response from the FDA in the next 30 days on the trial parameters & go ahead.....

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      michaelbrom's Avatar
      Jazbo, indeed, i like that Fidelity funds already have a position, NVIV.OB Major Holders | InVivo Therapeutics Corp Stock - Yahoo! Finance even though nviv is traded otc
      i have bought in .70s and sold in the 1.90s, i would like to buy back in soon

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      Inactive Member Jazbo's Avatar
      yes....I just sold 1k shares a couple weeks ago but will keep the rest going long and may buy more moving into strength.....

      good luck,


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      Regenerative Guru Member DonV's Avatar
      Out of BCLi and now back into NVIV.


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      michaelbrom's Avatar
      i bought back into NVIV today also

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      Young1ne's Avatar
      I'm going to take a small position in this sometime this week.

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      Colleague Member mandracchio's Avatar
      Doubled my position. OK, now it can tank... LOL

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      Regenerative Guru Member DonV's Avatar
      Going to double down too tomorrow.

      Quote Originally Posted by mandracchio View Post
      Doubled my position. OK, now it can tank... LOL

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      Regenerative Guru Member ForTheFuture's Avatar
      Volume and share price are at a standstill. Company expects FDA approval. Is the potential trial approval already priced in at this point? Have people who will buy in already bought in or will this guy jolt upwards soon when official thumbs up is given by the FDA?


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      Young1ne's Avatar
      IMO, it will go up. The price is somewhat priced in but not completely. I would say it could shoot to $3, maybe even high $3's. The trial is worth billions!! but the FDA approval is for the the scaffold device only!.. Of course trials will proceed after this but the biggest thing is when the device has stem cells/biomaterial in it, which is a separate FDA approval. Which cells the company would use is yet to be known.

      I picked up 400 shares only at 2.19. I hope for a quick flip then maybe a re-buy after they submit the next step with FDA. Of course there may be others here than can explain more than I can that has been watching or involved in this company a'lot longer. That's my Opinion. Good Luck on your decision.

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      Regenerative Guru Member DonV's Avatar
      I was able to double down yesterday. In all, due to the fast pace for a device clinical trials, cash reserves, Mgmt. and BoD I honestly have to say this company is riped for a buy out by big pharm.

      I believe the CEO has noted multiple times during the interviews with the News Shows, if he can get approval for the device clinical trials it'll only take 1 yr. + to get it out on the market. Remember they have a collection of product line, scaffold only, scaffold with stem cell and combinations of others. They are going with the scaffold for now as it can probablyl get revenue for their short term and then they'll dovetail into their other clinical trials since it'll take tons of money. I like the business development and potential product to quickly bring in revenue. To be honest it'll jump up to $3 dollars (IMO) after FDA approval then hover for awhile. They have a market value of $141 Million which I honestly think it is align with the market value, if the company had 5 yr+ until their product hits the market then it'll be out of whack. But, with the fast pace of a device clinical trials I really believe it is under valued at the moment.
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