Conversation Between gdcat and NOLAstemcell
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    Conversation Between gdcat and NOLAstemcell

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    1. Hey, it said you can't recieve any new ones until you delete some private messages.

      my reply: I can't tell you what to do with your money, but I personally am buying more, even at today's prices. In fact, as soon as my deposit clears into my TD Ameritrade acct, I'm buying. The prices are NOT going down to 10 cents, and you know any day now we could get either a JV partner, or the peer review, etc. Hell, we got news today on the new Phila site. You'll never see prices this cheap again. Still not convinced? Take out a calculator and multiply your 7500 shares with a fictional price... $48. That's $360,000. What if you had those 25,000 shares you were talking about? Then you'd have $1.2 million. And if you had that much, you wouldn't care about what you averaged in at!! Again, I'm not telling you to do something you don't want to do, but whip out a calculator and play with numbers. You'll get excited REALLL fast.
    2. The following was someone else's explanation with engraftment:

      Migration means the cells moved from the site of injection, to lay down on the bruchs membrane. Engraftment means they stayed there, attached and survived (for how long we dont know yet). You can find plenty of literature to confirm that for you. Combined with the absence of a safety red flag, this means our therapy 100% no ifs ands or buts does what it was intended to do. We don't know, in humans (especially this deteriorated) if it would be sufficient for visual acuity improvement. But we can safely say it would be necessary. We'll know shortly whether vision improved or not. I'm hopeful and expecting it based on what we've read heard and know. Based on decades of animal research though, we know that engraftment is necessary and sufficient to prevent vision loss if patients with AMD and SMD were to be treated earlier. That will come in Phase 3.
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