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      Wallace, at this point, I think I'll just wait and keep watching. My CKD seems to be under control using a combo of correct diet and losing weight, so I'll just keep an eye on that space until someone begins writing about it.

      Thanks for the response.

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      Wallace, you just mentioned that Karp might be doing work with MSCs on kidneys. I have chronic kidney disease and have been trying to determine if anyone was working with stem cells to treat diseased kidneys. Do you have any reason to believe that Dr. Karp is doing this? If so, would love to learn more.


      Irv Arons
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      I went over to the Google group and noticed that someone named 'jmymanning' filed an online complaint with the SEC. He copied and pasted the complaint form in his post, it's in the long thread called "ACT Amended 2012 10K & Rabin Form 4."

      yikes.... Gizmo
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      Hi Wallace,
      You posted about a Langer employee's website, but didn't post a link...

      Hope all is going great with your new job in ND....
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      Thanks for the big welcome. I am sure it will be worth the wait. He have some great stuff in the works. Although, watching the stock prices being manipuliated drives me nuts. On great news like the FDA giving us the go ahead and being one of the first stem cells to achieve so much and the stock barely moves. The whole stock market is corrupt. That is a whole different subject. I wish you all the best along with all ACTC long-term shareholders who have stood by this company. Thanks again for the big welcome aboard!!!!
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      Good evening,

      Not to sound ingnorant but what does the post referr to and what does it mean?

      Om Mani Padme Hum
      I will click on two ads every time I type --TCPD!
      "two clicks per day" in support of the site.
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      Love your avatar.....I will be glad when all of these lawsuits are behind us and we can move forward. Yes, they are doing the right things by cleaning up the mess so that we can move forward without skeletons in our closet. I cannot wait until we move to the big boards. I finally decided to start posting here. I have read many investors message in the past and this is the most intellgent web-site in regards to sharing ideas about ACTC and other Stem stocks. I have finally had it with the Yahoo message board. That MB is out of control. Very few informative post with the except of a few individual like bio. I am glad the board is available for good conservations and everyone respects each other. Very refreshing....!
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      Hello Wallace,

      Just want to say Howdy, am enjoying your posts. There are about 15 people worth reading on the forum, and the rest are blowhards who do a lot of venting without contributing much. I'm very happy with Rabin's leadership-- in the 8 months that I've been with ACT he has accomplished a great deal, and I'm OK with the RS move too.
      I notice that you're in Palm Springs, I was out there last winter for a month, stayed with friends at the Smoke Tree Ranch, and took some nice hikes in the Native American canyons south of town.

      Cheers, Gizmo
      (Peter Jung - Hudson, NY)
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    Originally from Wasilla, AK.
    B.S. Economics WOU
    Fun Fact: Sarah Palin was a neighbor and was at my college graduation party in '06 before she was famous.
    Austin, Texas
    dallas cowboys, brazil, gonzo journalism
    Specialist at OOS
    United States
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    warwick davis


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    The ACT Overture--paradox of an ototoxic investment

    by Wallace907 on 01-21-2014 at 06:54 PM
    The first time I believed ACT was on the brink of worldwide acclaim lured ahead of the first approval and subsequent injections. The second time I rejoiced prior to the Lancet, which continued on throughout the 2012 ASM time period.

    My visceral objections were subsided by thoughts of clinical celerity. Looking back, ACT was nothing more than a babushka doll fashioned as a paragon of the biotech industry.

    Here I was, still anticipating hysteria at any moment. With

    Read More

    Updated 01-21-2014 at 11:53 PM by Wallace907


    The Case for Singapore--ACT's doorway to Asia

    by Wallace907 on 02-19-2013 at 01:17 PM
    [FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=#0000FF]Many of us know that Asia has a high prevalence of MMD for unknown reasons. The numbers are staggering with up to 80% of all people-- specifically in China and Singapore. The prevalence of [B][I]severe[/I][/B] myopia too, is skyrocketing.

    I believe that ACT is determined to tap into this market. My guess is not China(we could go on all day about why that would be), but instead Singapore!!

    Of course, we put together many threads after

    Read More

    Updated 02-19-2013 at 02:38 PM by Wallace907


    The road not taken

    by Wallace907 on 02-10-2013 at 01:08 PM
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=verdana]So satisfying to hear Gary withdraw ACT from the conventional cell therapy approaches. NO, this company is not comparable to any of the names you have mentioned, and we are targeting indications that are on a much larger scale. ACT stands alone and Gary has made that very clear.[/FONT][/COLOR][I][COLOR=#333333][FONT=verdana]

    This strategic plan is a big deal. Obviously augmenting the management team of the company with plans to commercialize

    Read More

    Updated 02-10-2013 at 01:14 PM by Wallace907


    No more Mr. Nice Gary

    by Wallace907 on 01-14-2013 at 01:45 PM
    Gary did a really great job recently in his attempt to identify the differentiating factors that encompass ACT. At what point, however, does this "Event-Driven" company define its long-term strategic planning?

    In saying that, I mean at what point does ACT grow a spine and produce a trade name for MA-09RPE?

    at what point, does Gary introduce ACT's strategic planning--for more than one year at a time?

    Common questions a company must ask itself:

    Read More

    Updated 01-14-2013 at 05:27 PM by Wallace907


    Secular Growth and response to WSCS

    by Wallace907 on 12-27-2012 at 11:55 PM
    [FONT=Verdana]This was going to be a post but got way too off topic and started to get personal, so I'll just blog it?

    horrible conference if you ask me. most of what i heard i either found annoying or frustrating. I can't believe all these scientists can be so polarized. I can feel the frustration in Vincent's tone by the end, Rabin was rushing throughout the entire presentation...and Im not sure that a lot of people were able to grasp the differences from a manufacturing, efficacy/potency,

    Read More

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