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Stem Cell Market Predicted to be $8.5 Billion Dollars by 2016
SILVER SPRING, Md., Nov 22, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Nuvilex, Inc. (otcqb:NVLX) announced today testing confirmed that through use of live cell encapsulation technology, two major obstacles facing the vast and broad applications of live stem cell use have been overcome.
SG Austria, working together with Nuvilex, is carrying out new studies of encapsulation of stem cells in their laboratories in Singapore. The challenges associated with stem cells are how to:
(1) Produce sufficient quantities of live, pure, “virgin,” stem cells, capable of changing or “differentiating” into any cell type, and
(2) Prevent migration of the live stem cells from the site of insertion.
Testing has confirmed encapsulation addresses both of these problems. As a result, large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have approached us, studying the technology for potential use with their existing products.
Nuvilex believes it is important shareholders realize how monumental a discovery this is. An ever-expanding group of scientists and clinicians are recognizing the value of live stem cells. Large biotechnology companies have invested heavily in stem cell research and development, noted in a recent article in Nature Biotechnology. According to the Stem Cell Summit, the stem cell market size will be $8.5 Billion dollars by 2016, and was closely agreed to recently by others in Seeking Alphaa.

Dr. Robert Ryan, President and CEO of Nuvilex said “Nuvilex is very excited by these latest laboratory advances. This work makes major contributions to solving some problems and hurdles stem cell therapies face before being implemented into clinical use. We believe the value and potential to handle stem cells through this technology will help in efforts to partner with other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as they expand their stem cell products.”
Nuvilex wishes to remind everyone that November is recognized worldwide as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Please seriously consider getting involved in the national and global movements to help end pancreatic cancer that 266,000 people will die of worldwide this year, as Nuvilex and SG Austria are doing through their combined efforts to create a therapy for people with pancreatic cancer.
About Nuvilex
Nuvilex, Inc. (otcqb:NVLX) is an international biotechnology provider of clinically useful therapeutic live encapsulated cells and services for encapsulating a variety of live cells to the research and medical communities and all aspects of our activities alone and in concert with SG Austria continue to move forward. Our oncology offerings will include cancer treatments using the company’s industry-leading live-cell encapsulation technology. Current natural products also carried by Nuvilex include BiaDiagnostics certified Gluten-Free Cinnergen(TM), 3 oz. travel size Cinnergen(TM), Cinnechol(TM) and others to enhance a healthy lifestyle, cosmetic use, flu treatment, tattoo inks, antimicrobial and antinematodal agents.
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