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  1. INDIA active in Registered Clinical Trials using Adult MSCs - Auto & Allo
  2. One Man's Reluctant Tour For Adult Stem Cells
  3. Multipotent VSELs Found - Published Papers
  4. Mesenchymal stromal (stem) cells suppress pro-inflammatory cytokine production BUT FAIL to improve survival in experimental staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome.
  5. Early Lineage Adult (ELA®) stem cells - A new Platform for Adult Multipotent Therapeutics
  6. New potential Adult Pluripotent stem cell type found - "ePS"
  7. Ontario man’s sight restored with help [adult donated Limbals] of stem cells
  8. S.Korea thinks they can have an Adult SC treatment for Alzheimer's by 2016
  9. Stemedica finalizing Adult RPE cell line for IND & clinical trial for AMD
  10. ReNeuron UK shows clinical benefit in Phase 1 stroke trial using Neural Cells
  11. Blood Stem Cell with modified Gene transfer look like a possibe AIDS/HIV cure
  12. $31mil raised by Belgium Adult Stem Cell company with Pharma and VCs participating
  13. Somatic Cells Obtained from skin for Neural Cells - Korean/German Collaboration
  14. Stem-cell therapy takes off in Texas

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