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  1. Golf is a curse
  2. A travel tip
  3. A True Hero
  4. 2014 PGA tourmament & Louisville
  5. Enjoy Your Weekend Any Way You Can!
  6. Please HELP ME!!
  7. Crazy car story
  8. Reverse split
  9. Big Pharma bad, Big Beer worse
  10. How do you defend this guy?
  11. June 6th D-Day
  12. I'm back!
  13. Rant from Adam Feuerstein Against Individual Investors in Biotech
  14. Change the world
  15. Innocent until Proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  16. Goodbye
  17. You Do Realize.....
  18. DAR fund holds its shares!!
  19. I sold.
  20. Msems comments
  21. So now what?
  22. Miss Camel Beauty Contest
  23. stem corp
  24. Our Expectations are Set High...
  25. Why does ACT have these problems?
  26. Does anybody have Caldwell's email address?
  27. Crime Doesn't Pay
  28. Stemboats a manager UGH
  29. paula-deen-cooks-75m-comeback
  30. Quantum Physic - Stem Cells - Life....
  31. Party Poopers
  32. List of Golfers
  33. Julian Lennon Joins The ACT Advisory Board
  34. Are R&R posts included in the 'Latest Posts' List?
  35. Tarot/medium readings
  36. Some good sayings...
  37. Day 9 and No Dr. Lanza Contract and NO TLD announced
  38. Day 8 and No Contract with Dr. Lanza
  39. Reading by Steven, Jan. 2, 2014
  40. A must read for the new year 2014
  41. New Tarot Reading for Patty by Steven
  42. National Fruitcake Day December 27th
  43. Why ACTC Will Monopolize The Stem Cell Industry
  44. 10 minutes that could change your life!
  45. Tarot Readings
  46. Obama Repeals ObamaCare
  47. Happy Monkey Day 2013!
  48. response from NIH
  49. Would ACTC management (Kathy Singh) lie to protect the HIPPA oath?
  50. Nelson Mandela dies at age 95
  51. more legal hassles, it just never ends
  52. I hate to keep saying it's Gary's fault
  53. 6 lb Newspaper today
  54. When do Investors draw the line?
  55. Thanksgiving Day - I know I will be unpopular...
  56. Need for speed: Ken block's gymkhana six -- ultimate gymkhana grid course
  57. did anyone else get this spam in PM here?
  58. the meeting that JUST took place
  59. Really!!!! Bullying!
  60. Novartis raising cash--Hi Jacked by Members
  61. Tim McCarver's Interview With Curtis Martin
  62. Ender's Game Premiers Today
  63. Halloween Came Early In Taiwan
  64. Welcome To Hell...
  65. How to Put Posters On "Ignore"
  66. I think it's time to be honest
  67. site issues
  68. Any Chase Bank Business Account Holders Out There?
  69. Moved from PPS
  70. is the fda bought and paid for????
  71. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Epidemic Hits Washington, DC.
  72. How A Right Can Make A Wrong Hitler's Fateful Encounter with Pvt. Henry Tandey, VC
  73. "The Candy Man"
  74. It is time for a rant about Syria
  75. Diana Nyad
  76. Sea Power Up Close
  77. 25 Worst Haircuts Of All Time?
  78. Epic apology to Obama over rodeo clown
  79. By The Numbers, Pro-ESC Legislation Should Be Easy To Pass
  80. I am pissed at Rabin.
  81. My Deleted Posts - I'll Re-Post Them Here
  82. Bad Milo - New Movie 2013
  83. Hackers Reveal Nasty New Car Attacks
  84. Hipster Traps Appear All Over New York City!
  85. Elon Musk Is At It Again!
  86. Conservatives chewing, preparing to swallow, own words
  87. Daniel Ellsberg On Snowden, Manning, Government And Whistleblowers
  88. A joke to finish off the week. (WARNING: Some may be offensive!)
  89. These are precisely the times... A short note to our Community

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