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  1. Nuvilex Contracts With Clinical Network Services Pty Ltd For Late-Phase Clinical Trials In Pancreatic Cancer
  2. Nuvilex Engages ViruSure to Establish Cell Banks for Phase 2b Clinical Trials in Pancreatic Cancer
  3. Nuvilex Investors Should Read Between The Lines As Company Attracts World Renowned Oncologist
  4. Nuvilex Selects Translational Drug Development (TD2) to Advance Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
  5. Nuvilex To Present At National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference In Washington DC
  6. Austrianova (Austria) Contracted By Nuvilex For cGMP-Compliant Cell-In-A-Box® Encapsulation Of Cells
  7. Form 10-Q for NUVILEX, INC.
  8. Pancreatic Cancer Trials presented at conference
  9. Nuvilex Appoints CEO and President of Austrianova to Scientific Advisory Board
  10. Nuvilex Appoints Dr. Garret L. Yount to Its Subsidiary's Scientific Advisory Board
  11. Form 8-K on 6-Mar-2014
  12. Nuvilex Partner Austrianova Establishes Regional Headquarters And Research And Development Facility At Thailand Science Park For Cell-In-A-Box™ Live-Cell Encapsulation
  13. Nuvilex Funding Has Investors Preparing For Milestone Announcements In Late-Phase Clinical Trials
  14. Nuvilex Announces $27 Million Funding Commitment With Institutional Investor
  15. Nuvilex's Marijuana Research And Treatments Get Closer With Banking Discussions
  16. Nuvilex's Medical Marijuana Sciences Prepares to Enhance Industry's Research With Cell-in-a-Box™
  17. Nuvilex's Medical Marijuana Sciences Ready To Welcome New York State's Approval Of The Drug
  18. Nuvilex's Medical Marijuana Subsidiary Poised For Growth In The New Year
  19. Nuvilex Lands Leading Figure In Medical Marijuana Field As Chairman Of Subsidiary's Scientific Advisory Board
  20. Nuvilex's Medical Marijuana Research Could Use Cell Encapsulation Technology To Address Brain Cancers
  21. Nuvilex To Answer Increasing Calls For Better Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Without Gemcitabine
  22. Nuvilex Ahead Of The Curve On Cannabidiol As FDA Issues Landmark Approval
  23. Nuvilex Accelerates Development Of Treatments For Cancer And Diabetes With New Corporate Management Structure
  24. Nuvilex's Acquisition Of Diabetes Rights Should Put The Company On Everyone's Radar
  25. Nuvilex Completes Acquisition of Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Live-Cell Encapsulation Technology for Diabetes
  26. Nuvilex Announces Cloning of Cells for Future Phase 3 Clinical Trials Initiated by Inno Biologics
  27. Nuvilex Featured in Recent Forbes and New York Post Articles
  28. Nuvilex Enters Most Important Step of Phase III Trials Outside of Patient Enrollment
  29. Nuvilex Names Two Significant Partners on Its Way to Phase 3 Clinical Trials
  30. Nuvilex Contracts With Inno Biologics, an FDA-Compliant Provider, for Initial Generation of Cloned Cells for Future Phase 3 Clinical Trials
  31. Form 10-Q NUVILEX, INC. For: Jul 31
  32. Nuvilex Eyes FDA Fast Track After ABRAXANE Approved for Pancreatic Cancer
  33. Nuvilex Investors Watch as Incyte Corporation (INCY) Shares Rise Sharply on Pancreatic Cancer Trials Data
  34. Nuvilex Investors Should Heed FINRA Warnings
  35. Nuvilex Remains Under Fire While Investors Hold
  36. Nuvilex Restructures Corporate Operations to Reflect Biotechnology Focus
  37. Drug Makers Could Soon Turn Away From Eli Lilly and Company (LLY)'s Gemzar and Toward Nuvilex's Cell Encapsulation
  38. Nuvilex's Medical Marijuana Segment Could Mirror Israel's Success
  39. Nuvilex, Inc. Moves Closer to Head to Head With Eli Lilly in Phase III Clinical Trials
  40. Nuvilex Acquisition Could be Steal of the Century and Worth Billions
  41. Nuvilex Completes Acquisition of Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Technology
  42. Nuvilex Will Enter Phase III Trials With Advantages Using Cell Encapsulation
  43. Nuvilex, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Medtronic, Inc. (MDT), All Developing Type of Artificial Pancreas for Diabetics
  44. Nuvilex's Phase III Pancreatic Cancer Trials Could Address New Law's Call for Progress
  45. Nuvilex's Cell Encapsulation Could Play Role in Multimodality Treatment of Cancer Patients
  46. Nuvilex's Dr. Gerald Crabtree Discusses Upcoming Phase III Cancer Trials, Fast Track and Orphan Drug Status
  47. Nuvilex Pancreatic Cancer Trials Could Make "Cell-in-a-Box" Gold Standard
  48. Nuvilex Price Valuation Justifies Investors' Confidence in Biotech
  49. Nuvilex Release: Human Clinical Trials Using Medical Marijuana Could be Close in the U.S.
  50. Nuvilex Expects its Technology Can Start to Change Life for Diabetics
  51. Nuvilex Phase III Clinical Trials in Strong Hands With Dr. Gerald Crabtree
  52. Potential Future Sales of Nuvilex Cancer Treatments Make Investment in Cell-in-a-Box Worth It
  53. Form 10-K International Stem Cell For: Dec 31
  54. Timing is Right for Big Pharma to Add Nuvilex Technology to Its Pipeline
  55. Nuvilex Focused on Positioning Subsidiary, Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc., to be a Leading Medical Marijuana Entity by Developing Brain and Pancreatic Cancer Treatments
  56. chameleon
  57. Nuvilex COO Highlights Advantages and Applications of Platform Cell Encapsulation Technology for Cancer, Diabetes, and Stem Cells During Recent Interview With SmallSector.com
  58. Form 10-K NUVILEX, INC. For: Apr 30
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  61. volume
  62. pancraetic cancer NVLX.
  63. Nuvilex Forecasts Vast Partnership Opportunities
  64. latest news
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  67. nvlx breaking out!!!
  68. Nuvilex Reveals Goldman Small Cap Research Cites Groundbreaking Cancer Therapy
  69. Nuvilex Reports Encapsulated Living Cells Technology for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
  70. Nuvilex Announces Major Breakthrough for Live Stem Cell Use and Applications
  71. Nuvilex Highlights the Unique Aspects of the Encapsulation Technology with Live Stem Cells
  72. Nuvilex’s Affiliate Presents Cell in a Box(R) Technology in Seoul at BIO KOREA 2011
  73. Nuvilex Advances Studies Combining Its Encapsulation and Live Stem Cell Technologies
  74. Nuvilex’s SG Austria Affiliate to Present at Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy Forum Asia 2011
  75. Nuvilex’s Successes-Getting Noticed
  76. SG Austria acquisition benefits Nuvilex
  77. Nuvilex Reports Significant Interest in All Products
  78. Nuvilex Enters $21.5 Billion Stem Cell Arena

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